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Bulgaria increases there Intrastat Reporting Threshold in 2018

Date08 Feb 2018

Bulgaria as of the 1st January, 2018 increased the ‘Intrastat Reporting Thresholds’ for both arrivals and dispatches.

Arrivals threshold will be greater than before, increasing from BGN 410,000.00 to BGN 430,000.00 (approximately €220,000.00), with dispatches threshold being increased from BGN 240,000.00 to BGN 260,000.00 (approximately €133,000.00).

Additionally, the statistical thresholds will also be raised. This threshold involves more detailed information when arranging your Intrastat returns. The new statistical Intrastat thresholds as from January 2018 in Bulgaria will be BGN 6,300,000.00 (approximately €3,221,000.00) for arrivals and dispatches will be BGN 12,800,000.00 (circa €6,544,000.00).

This new measure will withdraw the reductions made for the year 2017.

Intrastat threshold Statistical threshold
Arrivals Dispatches Arrivals Dispatches
Current threshold – 2017 BGN 410,000 BGN 240,000 BGN 5,600,000 BGN 11,700,000
Applicable thresholds as from 1 January 2018 BGN 430,000 BGN 260,000 BGN 6,300,000 BGN 12,800,000

Intrastat measures the movement of goods for statistical reasons between EU countries, as well as both the dispatch of the goods to another EU Member State and the arrival of the goods from another EU Member State.

In Bulgaria, the thresholds for proclaiming the Intrastat return are defined by the National Statistical Institute by the end of October of the current year and are binding for the entire subsequent year.

The responsibility to submit Intrastat returns in this country arises when during a year the taxable person exceeds the threshold established for each flow. For example, if in 2018 your IC-Acquisitions exceed BGN 430,000.00, you will merely submit the Intrastat return for arrivals. Intrastat for the dispatches will not be necessary until the threshold is surpassed. Once the company is accountable for submitting Intrastat returns, the form needs to be filed until a January-to-December period has been completed under the applicable threshold, even if there are no transactions to be reported for the period concerned.

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